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Why do you need a Creative Coach?

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There is no shame in asking for help. As creatives we often feel like we must do it on “our own” or wait for someone to “give” us the opportunity. BUT I discovered on my journey the more support I had, the more success I experienced. And when I use the word success, I am referring to enriched and valuable experiences as well as career development and opportunities. It’s about attracting abundance by creating a network that can support, guide and encourage you to reach your full potential.


So where do we start?


My aim is to harness the uniqueness of the individual by INTEPRETING your unique qualities and attributes in order to help you form your own process and style.


I want to help you articulate and use the resources you have inside you. I’ve had over 20 years of training as a performance artist, writer, actor, improviser and art therapist. I have worked behind the scenes and in front of the camera and nothing brings me more joy than witnessing a creative realise their full potential.

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."

- Helen Keller 


With tight schedules and quick turn arounds the "Self-Tape" has become the universal medium for auditioning. It's important to feel relaxed and at ease when you step in front of the camera. This is where I come into the equation. I can provide a space to support you in your exploration of choices, interpretation of script and character, physical behaviours, and improvisation. 

In the session we can have a brief discussion, rehearsal and then put a take down. Alternatively we can have an actor coaching session prior if you feel like you need more script analysis, a sounding board or more time and space to explore your choices further.  


As a creative coach, I take a personalised client-centric approach. My aim is to encourage and help you reach your full potential and bring authenticity into your work. In our session I will use a variety of techniques and exercises to help you connect with your emotional self, unlock your unique voice, develop your skills and cultivate tools and resources to help you manage your process.


As an actor you might need a session to explore script analysis or develop character. Or as a writer, dialogue may be difficult so a session could see you getting up on your feet to explore the tone, genre or voice of your work. As you can tell my approach is one of collaboration with an emphasis on fluidity, receptivity and adaption.



Have you written a short film? Are you developing a web series, writing a pilot or are you in need of an outside eye on a comedy or fringe festival show? Are you overwhelmed and don't know where to start? I am an actor's director, attuned to characters and obsessed with physical behaviour and how we communicate story not only with words but in the silence. I have a critical eye and have developed a communication style that allows me to have an an open dialogue with actors and creatives. 


Do you feel stuck? Are you encountering block after block after block? Or do you feel like you've come to a crossroads and have no idea what path to take? Well, we can work together to identify what tools and skills you need to reach your goals and overcome your perceived obstacles. Let's acknowledge where we are at in our journey, be curious, reframe, and discover what inner resources we can use to assist us. Because that block could be the answer to how to level-up in your career. 

"I have had the pleasure of working with Sarah at the Groundlings School of Improv (LA). She is an accomplished actor with a creative spirit."

Guy Stevenson, Writer MAD TV, Groundlings Theatre



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