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When it comes to my creative process, I follow my gut instincts. I'm highly intuitive, sensitive, adaptable and allow my impulses to guide me. At the same time, I have a critical eye, strong imagination, and curiosity when it comes to the endless choices you can make as a creative. I thrive in exploration because for me, the discovery process never stops.  Whether it’s in the rehearsal process or researching or literally on the stage in front of a live audience. I relish in these moments because that's when the magic occurs. 


I believe the key to unlocking your potential as a creative is tapping into yourself, your instrument, what makes you unique and embodying “all of you”. Being BRAVE enough to shine just as you are.


My goal as a coach is to EMPOWER you to feel confident in who you are as a creative individual. By helping you access your inner resources we will discover what motivates you, what lights a fire in your belly, what ACTIVATES you to realise your full potential. 

Depending on your specific needs I may use techniques like voice and movement work, sensory and improvisation exercises and other proven methods to help you connect. A session might also focus on generating ideas, analysis, identifying and resolving creative blocks, or perhaps you need someone to hold you accountable and assist you in levelling up in your career.

As you can see the possibilities are limitless, but YOU will guide ME to understand what YOU need. 


As an Italian Australian hailing from the outer suburbs of Melbourne I’ve always had a flare for the dramatic. Being a performer, writer and director is in my blood. Having graduated from The University of Melbourne (VCA) Creative Arts, I've participated in countless courses on Australian soil and abroad. I’ve spent the last 15 years honing my skills. As both an actress and screenwriter I've produced numerous self-funded projects that have appeared on Amazon Prime & Personal Play Argentina. I've also received funding from ABC (Australian Broadcast Company) to develop a digital series pilot. I'm an experienced professional actress who has appeared in various TVC's, Online Content, Short Films, TV and Stage Plays. I’ve trained extensively with acting practitioners internationally and in techniques the likes of Strasberg, Uta Hagen, Practical Aesthetics, Alexander, Suzuki & Viewpoints (SITI Company) The Groundlings & UCB Improv (Comedy LA), Meisner and of course Stanislavski. As well as working with vocal coaches like Suzanne Heywood, Rob Meldrum, Dr. Louise Mahler and more. I've also recently completed AFTRS directors courses with Amen Palangi and The Director’s Journey with Elissa Down. 


ABC 2020 Fresh Start Innovation Fund Recipient 

Winner Best Actress (The Holiest One) - New Jersey Webfest 2019

Winner Best Ensemble (The Holiest One) - Sydney Webfest 2019

Winner Best Actress (The Holiest One) - ASIA Web Awards, 2019




Best Dramatic Performance (The Holiest One) - Minnesota Webfest 2019

Best Actress (The Holiest One) - New Zealand Webfest 2019

Best Actress (The Holiest One) - Seoul Webfest 2019

Best Actress (Maddalena) - NYC Web Fest, 2018



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